TAMPA, FL       813-440-4501

CAPE CORAL, FL       239-699-7429

SALT LAKE CITY, UT      801-300-1520

Our Mission

Our mission statement is to only provide goods and services that you need not just what we sell. Many times, existing equipment is sufficient and only needs re-adjustment or programming. We also have many choices of different digital camera selections and payment options.

Our business

A small company with personal service, Vision Integrators has always had a one-on-one commitment. No large company budgets, small overhead and personal service guarantees you affordable services.

Low-Voltage Licensed Contractor in Georgia & Florida.


GA # LVG105330     FL # ES12000581

Who we are

Bill Pascucci owned and operated Southern Security Systems, Inc. for over 5 years in SW Florida. A large company with most of its work in new construction, was downsized in 2005 and became Vision Integrators, Inc. to concentrate on Surveillance Camera Systems as its main objective. We are a specialty company.  With offices now in Salt Lake City Utah, Cape Coral FL, and Tampa FL.